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Hucog comes in injectable form, and it is a hormone that helps the egg to develop normally in a woman’s ovary. It treats infertility in women, releases an egg during ovulation. It also helps in pituitary gland disorder in young boys and increases sperm count in men.

This medicine is easily available in online and offline markets of USA, UK, Canada, and Australia with the prescription. You can buy Hucog 5k and 10 k online.

Hucog Generic Name: Hucog HCG

Strengths available: Hucog 5000 IU and Hucog 10000 IU


How Hucog HCG works? It is used in three ways:

  1. In Female: This medication helps in the treatment of infertility in women. It usually works when menopause has not happened but cannot conceive the baby because of certain hormonal imbalances. It helps in hucog 5000 iu
  2. In Male: This medicine also treats male infertility caused by a lack of certain hormones. It is also used in bodybuilding.
  3. Cryptorchidism: This medicine also helps treat male children where both the testes are not descended into the scrotal sac.
How to use Hucog HCG
How to use Hucog HCG

How to use Hucog HCG

It came in injection form and injected into the skin or muscle. How to take Hucog HCG injections? Steps to use this medication are:

  • In the box of medicine, there is a diluent and a vial. Mix both and rotate the vial without shaking it as there should not be any particles present in the vial.
  • Then draw out the solution in the injection but make sure that there are no bubbles present in the syringe.
  • Wipe the injection site with the help of an alcohol swab and inject the medicine into the body.
Injection Site Pain
Injection Site Pain

Side effects

Side effects of Hucog HCG are:

  • Bloating or stomach pain
  • Pelvic pain
  • Nausea Or Vomiting
  • Rapid Weight Gain
  • Allergic Skin Reaction
  • Irritability
  • Enlargement Of Breasts
  • Headache
  • Injection Site Pain
  • Sleeplessness

If these side effects do not go away or subside by the time, then consult your doctor. Please note that it is also necessary to check on the daily symptoms; if something unusual happens, seek emergency help.


Never take this medicine if you are pregnant or early puberty or hormone-related cancer. Avoid alcohol with this medicine and inform about the previous medical conditions if you have or had:

  • Thyroid or adrenal gland disorder
  • An ovarian cyst
  • Premature puberty
  • Cancer or tumor of breast, uterus, ovary, hypothalamus, prostate, or pituitary gland.
  • Undiagnosed uterine bleeding
  • Heart or kidney disease
  • Epilepsy, migraines, or asthma

It is important to tell about the present symptoms as it will help the doctor decide the Hucog injection dosage amount.


Interactions mean that a drug mixed with any other drug causing serious side effects. It also interacts with other drugs or herbal products, causing side effects or making it less effective.

Before starting this medicine, tell your doctor if you are taking any other product or medicine. This medicine also affects some lab tests, so before going for any test, make sure to tell the lab technician about this drug.

Never start or stop any medicine by your own choice, as it can cause serious side effects that can be fatal sometimes. The use of ganirelix before receiving this medicine reduces its efficacy. Hucog 5000 IU injection for ovulation and in pregnancy has evident results.


Overdose of Hucog 5000  I.U can be fatal. Try to take medicine according to the given prescription and at the same time daily. If you miss any dose, then never make up for the missed dose by taking it double.

In case of overdose, immediately rush to the nearby hospital or seek emergency help.


Store this medication in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Please keep it away from children and never share your medicine with anybody else. Swallow the tablet as a whole, don’t break it in halves.

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