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Cernos Gel 1% is a medication that helps in the treatment of male hypogonadism. It is due to low testosterone levels. A doctor recommends it to a man with known ailments. It helps in reestablishing the degree of testosterone in the male body.

It is also known as testosterone gel. Sun Pharmaceuticals manufacture it. This medicine is readily available in online and offline markets of USA, UK, Canada, and Australia with the prescription. You can buy Cernos Gel online.

Cernos gel vs. Androgel: Both medications have the same active ingredient. Even though both drugs are made in the form of a gel, both the gels can be rubbed into shoulders



Hypogonadism is a condition of improper functioning of reproductive organs, like testes in males and ovaries in females, which can cause failure to produce sex hormones.

It the basic requirement for secondary sexual characters like beard growth, body hair coarseness, increased muscle mass, and fertility.

Cernos Gel 1% acts as the male sex hormone, testosterone, and improves the male characters such as body hair texture, muscle mass, sperm production, etc. This medicine can reduce infertility and helps to treat hypogonadism in males.

Keep using the medication as per the doctor’s prescription. Follow your doctor’s guidelines carefully to get the most benefit.

How to use Cernos Gel 1%

How to apply Cernos Gel? This medication is for outside utilize, as it were. Use it in the portion and term as prompted by your primary care physician.

Check the mark for headings before use. Perfect and dry the influenced region and apply the gel. Wash your hands after applying, except if your hands are in the affected area. 

How to use Cernos Gel
How to use Cernos Gel

How Cernos Gel Works

Cernos or Testosterone Gel 1% is like the characteristic male chemical, testosterone. It works by renewing the insufficient testosterone levels in grown-up men.

The absence of testosterone may cause different medical conditions, including weakness, fruitlessness, low sex drive, sleepiness, burdensome mindset, and bone misfortune.

Side Effects

Side effects of Cernos Gel 1% are not that serious. These go away as you stop using it, but if they persist for a longer time after stopping the medication, then consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Common side effects of Cernos gel are:

  • Acne on the application site
  • Burning
  • rash
  • itching
  • or redness down there.


Kids and ladies should keep away from contact with unwashed or unclothed application site(s) of men utilizing Cernos Gel 1%. Patients should wash their hands with a cleanser and water following the use of this medication.

The patient should cover the application site with apparel (e.g., a T-shirt) after the gel has dried. Before circumstance in which direct skin-to-skin contact is expected, patients should wash the application site thoroughly with a cleanser and water to eliminate any testosterone buildup.

If unwashed or unclothed skin to which the medication has been applied comes in direct contact with someone else’s skin, the overall communication space on the other individual ought to be washed with cleanser and water as quickly as time permits.


Insulin: Changes in insulin affectability or glycemic control may happen in patients treated with androgens. In diabetic patients, the metabolic impacts of androgens may diminish blood glucose and, consequently, may reduce insulin necessities. 

Oral Anticoagulants: Changes in anticoagulant movement might be seen with androgens, like this more incessant observing of global standardized proportion and prothrombin time are suggested in patients taking anticoagulants, particularly at the commencement and end of androgen treatment. 

Corticosteroids: The simultaneous utilization of testosterone with adrenocorticotropic chemical (ACTH) or corticosteroids may bring about expanded liquid maintenance and requires cautious observing, especially in patients with cardiovascular, renal, or hepatic sickness.


Drug Overdose
Drug Overdose

Treatment of overdosage would include:

  • Cessation of Cernos Gel 1%.
  • Washing the application site with a cleanser and water.
  • Proper suggestive and steady consideration.


Store Cernos Gel in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Please keep it away from children and never share your medicine with anybody else. 


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